Z-Man Curly TailZ Softbait – 4 Inch


4″ Curly TailZ scented softbait 5-pack

10x Tough  –  ElaZTech



5 Pack  – Scented

This staple inshore profile is extremely versatile and effective on all coasts for flounder/fluke, seatrout, redfish, and more. And thanks to infusion with natural baitfish scents and 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction, Scented Curly TailZ outfish and outlast all other inshore baitfish imitations on the market!

Pot-bellied baitfish profile and thin curly tail make this an incredibly versatile baitfish imitation

Can be rigged on JigheadZ or on weighted weedless hooks thanks to belly slot

Scented with 100% natural Pro Cure baitfish scent


Made in the USA