Wooden Boat Restoration & Repair Book


A guide to restore the structure, improve the appearance,
reduce the maintenance and prolong the life of wooden
boats with WEST SYSTEM® Epoxy.


Using the manual
Wooden Boat Restoration & Repair approaches a repair project in several phases.

Section 1 provides guidelines for assessing the feasibility of repair and restoration,
provides an overview of problems typically encountered in wooden boats and explains
the major uses of epoxy in repair.

Section 2 discusses how you can evaluate the soundness of your boat’s structure and
locate damaged areas.

Sections 3, 4, 5 and 6 provide detailed procedures for the most common types of
repairs. These sections can be used in whatever order your repair requires.

Section 7 discusses how to protect against UV, finish and maintain wooden boats.

Section 8 provides fundamental techniques for using WEST SYSTEM Epoxy products
successfully in wooden boat repairs, including surface preparation, bonding, bonding
with fillets, laminating, fairing, applying woven cloth and tape, final coating and
finishing. Particularly if you have not used WEST SYSTEM products before, it is
important to read this section carefully before beginning any of the repairs discussed in
previous sections.
Following the procedures described in Wooden Boat Restoration & Repair will allow
you to restore the primary functions of the boat’s structure, reduce flexing and provide
moisture protection. They will assure thorough, long-lasting repairs for boats or other
wooden structures.