West System User Manual & Product Guide


The WEST SYSTEM Epoxy User Manual & Product Guide is the definitive guide to using epoxy safely and effectively

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The marine epoxy revolution began with Gougeon Brothers in 1969. It was further fueled by the WEST SYSTEM Technical Manual, originally published in 1973. This popular epoxy user manual was the catalyst for the success of WEST SYSTEM Epoxy. It allowed us to go beyond providing customers with a strong line of epoxy products and give them the type of solid, reliable information they needed to get great results with these marine-grade epoxies. Today, it’s called the WEST SYSTEM User Manual & Product Guide.

The focus of the User Manual & Product Guide is using WEST SYSTEM Epoxy safely and effectively. Over the decades, it has evolved into a 41-page, full-color publication. It thoroughly covers the basics of epoxy chemistry, all WEST SYSTEM products, epoxy handling, and basic epoxy techniques. It also features a handy Problem Solver that addresses common concerns with curing, bonding, sanding, coating, exotherm, and proper storage of epoxy resins and hardeners.

Clear instructions, color photographs, and product selection guides round out this indispensable 41-page manual.