West System Notched Spreader


The plastic spreaders are flexible, reusable 3½” x 6″ and double-edged for flow coating, fairing, filling and applying fabrics.

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Notched Spreader

This stiff 4″ x 4″ plastic spreader with 1/8″, 3/16″ and 1/4″ notches on three sides for quickly applying thickened epoxy at a constant rate over large areas. Thin, straight edge is ideal for applying layers of reinforcing fabrics.

Epoxy Spreaders

The WEST SYSTEM 809 Notched Spreader is best for applying thickened epoxy mixtures. This is a rigid plastic square with three notched edges and one smooth beveled edge. The notched edges, each with a different notch size, are used to apply a controlled and consistent amount of thickened epoxy to a surface. The deeper notches apply more material than the shallower notches. The smooth edge can be used as a rigid to force excess resin and air out of a laminate, much like the more pliable 808 Plastic Spreader.—From Fiberglass Application Tools by Joe Parker, Epoxyworks #12