West System 417 Microballoons


417 is a low density microballoon-based filler used as a thickening agent with epoxy fairing systems to make fairing putties that are easy to sand or carve. 417 has a reasonably strong strength to weight ratio, and is recommended as the preferred filler under dark coloured surfaces.

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407 Low-Density Fairing Filler

407 Low-Density is a blended microballoon-based fairing filler for WEST SYSTEM Epoxy.

Add 407 to a mixture of epoxy resin/hardener to create a fairing putty. It’s easy to sand or carve this putty once it has cured.

The filler is reasonably strong on a strength-to-weight basis.

You can blend it into any WEST SYSTEM 105 Resin/20X Hardener combination, G/flex Epoxy 650, or G/5 Five-Minute Adhesive.

Blended with epoxy to a “peanut butter” consistency, it will be easy to fair. The higher the percentage of 407 in your epoxy mix, the easier it will be to fair. Cures to a dark red/brown color.

Color: dark red-brown.

WEST SYSTEM 407/417 is a Low-Density, Phenolic Microballoon-based filler, that is easy to fair and sand. When added to epoxy resin, 407 filler creates a thick, low density compound.

407/417 is reasonably strong on a strength-to-weight basis. 407/417 cures to a dark red/brown color; popular for matching wood.407/417 is used to makes highly adaptive fairing putties for a range of applications.

Typical uses include filleting, coving and fairing.

The addition of a small percentage of WEST SYSTEM 406 assists in reducing resin drainage and improves spreading properties.

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