Starfish Ball Sinkers Mixed


Starfish ball sinker multipack (assorted sizes) – popular for rigs where the sinker slides up and down the line, keeping bait near the bottom while still allowing it to move around.

  • 1/4 oz x 10
  • 1/2 oz x 10
  • 1 oz x 5
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Ball sinkers are popular for running sinker rigs, where the main line is threaded through the sinker and left unattached, so it can move more freely. They are often positioned either running directly to the hook, or restricted to running along the main line above a swivel connection. Ball sinkers are ideal when fishing current in fresh or saltwater when you want your bait rig to move around, covering more area, but while keeping the bait near the bottom.

1/4 oz: 10

1/2 oz: 10

1 oz: 5