Shingled PERC- 80 Watt Solar PV Panel


NEW 80 Watt solar panel with Breakthrough technology achieving higher module efficiency.

Better performance when shaded

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Shingled PERC is a new breakthrough in solar cell technology.  This innovative technology for interconnecting the cell minimizes electrical losses from cell to cell which results in higher module efficiency.  This high power, high-density Shingled PERC module are very robust and suited to mobile vehcles including Caravan, RV and Boating. The busbar-free structure means only a small proportion of cells are not exposed to sunlight allowing for better performance when shaded.

Features :

– PERC Solar cells with Shingle Technology
– Reinforced frame with aluminium angle
– 35mm Frame with a support surface of 1.2mm thickness
– 4mm2 Twin Red / Black Cable to MC4 from Diode Box

Advantages : 

– More Power : Reduced optical and electrical losses.  Shadowing also has less effect due to PERC Shingled Cell design.
– Seamless Soldering : Shingled Soldering is a new proprietary Module Encapsulation Technology, achieved using Silver Conductive Adhesive instead of BusBars.
– Compact : High efficient cells means smaller modules especially when used in Caravan, RV and Marine applications.
– Reduced system cost : High component efficiency reduces floor space, BOS, transportation and operation costs at production level.
– Stability : Enhanced reliability and stability. Significantly reduces hot spot effect.
– Reliability : Avoids cell crack caused by traditional welding process; the components are flexible and compressible, suitable for a variety of harsh environments.
– Performance : 10 year product warranty on materials and workmanship, 25 years linear power output warranty.
Peak Power (Pmax) : 80.00W
Max Power Voltage (Vmp) : 18.50V
Max Power Current (Imp) : 4.32A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) : 23.30V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) : 4.40A
Module Efficiency : 19.2%
Max Systems Voltage (V) : 1000V
Pmax Temperature Coefficient (W/°C) : – 0.41%
Voc Temperature Coefficient (V/°C) : – 0.31&
Isc Temperature Coefficient (A/°C) : 0.05%
Nominal Operatings Cell Temp (NOCT) : 48±2 C
Operating Temp : -40 to +85C

Mechanical Characteristics

Cell Type : PERC Shingled MONO
Cell Qty : 108 CELL
Dimensions : 350x1170x35mm
Weight : 4.9Kg
Front Glass : 3.2mm High Transmission, Low Iron, Termpered Glass
Surface Load : 5400Pa
Junction Box : IP65 Rated
Output Cables : MC4, 4mm2 900mm