Rescue Streamer

Rescue Streamer


The See/Rescue® Streamer ensures that you can be rescued, land or sea, day and night, 24/7 until you are found.

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See/Rescue Streamer, Lighted Safety Device and Rescue Device with Holster for Any Terrain – Personal
Can Save Your Life on Lakes, Oceans, Land, and Snow. To a rescue helicopter or search party in a boat, your head is the size of a coconut. Sea dye washes away, flares last for seconds, and EPIRBS (GPS) only get you to the general area – you still need a visual! See/Rescue® is the only passive and continuous signaling device that can help rescuers find you fast.

  • Military-Approved/Adopted/Patented
  • Weighs only 8 ounces and deploys to 25 feet
  • Compact HOLSTER unit attaches to belt/lifejacket/backpack, etc.
  • Proven Lifesaving Device

About The Brand

Sea Rescue

Dr. Robert Yonover is a Ph.D. geochemist/volcanologist with a history of innovative scientific contributions, technologies and patents. His Ph.D. work includes multiple ALVIN submersible dives to two miles deep off the Galapagos Islands to retrieve submarine lava samples, with laboratory work performed at NASA Johnson Space Center and MIT.