Raritan – Marine Elegance

Raritan – Marine Elegance


Smooth lines and a small foot print with the power of Vortex-vac technology make this an ideal choice for most recreational boats on the market today.

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  • Vortex-Vac flush technology, no vacuum pumps, tanks or foot pedals
  • Low water usage down to zero litres with the ‘Empty only’ flush
  • New motor give less than 63DB noise meaning undisturbed sleep for guests
  • Built in discharge loop within the bowl
  • Eliminates odour and retains water in the bowl (wet-bowl)
  • Small footprint for compact installation
  • One piece vitreous china bowl with concealed mountings
  • Allows for easy cleaning and ease of installation
  • Built in shredder eliminates clogs and provides home like performance ‘user friendly’
  • Angled back for contoured fit
Standard Features
  • Full size Household Toilet Seat
  • Unmatched vacuum flush action provides the quietest flush in its class and yet uses only a small amount of water extending the useful life of holding tanks.
  • Multi function smart flush control panel offers the user 4 different flush control capabilities, plus specialised lock out feature to prevent fill holding tanks from overflowing.

4 Flush Modes

  • ‘Normal Flush’ is a timed flush ensuring proper intake, discharge and leaves water in the bowl
  • ‘Water Saver’ is a half timed flush using half the water for water saving and leaves bowl with water
  • ‘Water Only’ adds water without discharging
  • ‘Empty Only’ will evacuate the bowl whilst the button is held

Flush Timing control is all done on the panel without removing any components.
All discharge componentry is located within the base resulting in easier installation.
A Solenoid Valve is located within the bowl allowing use with onboard pressurized water along with a vacuum break for added security of your fresh water supply

  • Available in 12 or 24V DC
  • Angled or Straight back
  • Choice of full-size household style bowl or marine size bowl
  • Available in White or Bone
  • Remote Diaphragm (Dry run-able) Intake Pump for use with outside raw

About The Brand


We offer a complete line of Raritan Marine Products to design your vessel’s marine sanitation system.  Raritan marine products are chosen by powerboat, sailboat, houseboat, and RV owners and manufacturers the world over for their dependability, environmental responsibility, simplicity of installation, operation, and maintenance. Our marine products line includes house-hold style toilets, marine toilets, marine sanitation devices and systems, cleaning products, marine icemakers, marine water heaters, and rudder angle indicators.