PropOne Prop Wash


250mL or 1L – Recommended preparation metal cleaner before PropOne application.


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Get the best out of your PropOne application! Use Prop Wash to thoroughly clean your metal surfaces

Prop Wash is a metal cleaner for use on bronze and stainless steel which removes contamination you can’t see to properly prepare metal surfaces for the PropOne Foul Release Coating System.

Do not use on anodes or polished metal surfaces!

Estimated Prop Wash Coverage Guide:
Propeller Size and Number of Blades
18″- 24″ 24″- 36″ 36″- 48″
Three or four blades Four or five blades Five blades
Running gear components to be cleaned One propeller 250mL Prop Wash 250mL Prop Wash 250mL Prop Wash
Two propellers 250mL Prop Wash 250mL Prop Wash 1 Litre Prop Wash
Two propellers, two rudders
two propeller shaft struts
250mL Prop Wash 250mL Prop Wash 1 Litre Prop Wash
Two propellers, two rudders, two propeller shaft struts & two trim tabs 250mL Prop Wash 1 Litre Prop Wash 1 Litre Prop Wash

Surface Preparation

  1. Remove marine growth & existing coatings from metal surfaces.
  2. Abrade the metal with a mechanical grinder, wire wheel or by hand sanding (80-120Grit).
  3. For newly polished/repaired metals, abrade the metal surfaces to remove any slight surface oxidisation.
  4. Rinse metal surfaces with clean fresh water, ensuring that any abrasive residue is fully removed.

Surface Cleaning

  1. Apply Prop Wash using a clean cloth to scrub the surface. Do not allow to dry.
  2. Rinse surface with clean fresh water and wipe with a clean damp white cloth.
  3. Repeat until cloth shows no discolouration.
  4. Solvent wipe metal surfaces with acetone using a separate clean cloth.
  5. Keep metal surfaces dry and free from contaminants, do not touch surface.
  6. Continue with PropOne foul release coating application