Pro Hunter Breakaway Sinkers


Pro Hunter breakaway sinker multipack – popular for surfcasting from the beach or rocks, and seafloor conditions that are prone to snagging other sinker shapes.

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Breakaway sinkers are a specialist surfcasting sinker due to their long casting and their ability to hold firm on the sea bed using wire grips. When a fish hits or you want to reel in, the wire grips ‘breakaway’ and the sinker releases itself from the seabed when under tension.

The prongs fold to the required angle and then, rather than having to bend to release, the nylon tubes provide a preset release load. The prongs then swing back the opposite way. Simple and effective. Sizes 3 to 6 oz with four per pack.

3 oz: 4 pack

4 oz: 4 pack

5 oz: 4 pack

6 oz: 4 pack