Ocean Angler Slider Jig


Slider jig – 40g to 240g



After all these years, the catch cry “Slider, the provider” continues to ring true for the many thousands of lure fishers who buy this amazing product, knowing it can be relied on to ‘bring home the bacon’!  These lures are easy to use, very competitively priced, and will catch most of the more popular table and sport fish, including snapper (especially), blue cod, trevally, kingfish, kahawai, gurnard, john dory etc. Indeed, many top charter boats base their operations on the Slider’s fish-catching charms throughout the year. And, as fish are fish, no matter where they swim, it’s been exciting for OA to see Sliders are proving just as deadly when used on the West Coast (the 200 and 240g models have been the game-changers here) and down in places such as the South Island’s French Pass, where they’ve been told their ‘lures won’t work’ in the past!  That’s why so many bait fishers have been converted to them; now it’s just a matter of picking up a little tackle box filled with a few different Sliders (no bait or berley necessary!) and it’s time to head off fishing!


On-Water tips:

Best fished on the drift, Sliders are dropped to the bottom then slowly wound upwards a few metres, before being dropped back down again; a super-slow mechanical-jigging retrieve also works well. Bites are generally felt as small nips; a quick wind of the reel handle or a steady uplift of the rod generally works better than a hard strike in response. Try dropping Sliders down to the bottom so they drag and bounce along the seafloor, then place the outfit in a suitably angled rod holder – fish can be hooked whilst anglers are doing other things! When selecting your Sliders, it pays to be overweighted rather than underweighted, so it stays down on the bottom and kicks up puffs of silt and sand as it trundles along. The vibrations attract fish in for a closer look – and hungry bites!  The strong head shakes of big snapper can really bounce the slow-jig head around on trace material, so the heavier the Sliders, the thicker the trace required; two metres of 30-60lb fluorocarbon trace usually does the job nicely.

Designed in New Zealand for NZ fish species

Concave head design which causes noise and turbulence

Skirt separates from hooks for easy hook removal

Colours proven to work on NZ snapper and kingfish

Rigged with the best hooks available – Owner JF41

Made strong for big fish caught in NZ waters

UV reflective with Glow

Tough, seductive (and replaceable) rubber tentacles

Hand-whipped assist rig