Ocea Bettyu Hiramasa Lure – 16cm/61g


Bettyu Hiramasa floating stickbait jig/lure

61 grams

16cm/6.3″ in length

Two sets of treble claw hooks, one at rear and one on belly



The Shimano Ocea Bettyu Hiramasa is a 160mm 60g floating stickbait designed specifically for targeting Kingfish on topwater.

These lures feature Shimano’s new ‘Flash Boost’ technology. A mirrored insert is housed within the lure’s body structure that provides an internal reflection and vibrates attractively whenever the lure is moved or receives an impact. This is amplified by a spring mechanism that ensures the vibration is maintained even when the lure is paused, continuing to invite fish between movements. a ‘Scale Boost’ finish is also integrated, providing a lifelike holographic pattern that emulates the brilliance of scales on the side of a bait fish.

Plastic/metal body

Internal Flash Boost strip suspended via springs

Two sets of treble claw hooks

160mm length, not including hooks