New Zealand Flag Red Ensign


New Zealand (Aotearoa) national flag – Red Ensign

100% Polyester

NZ Made

NZ Flag Red Ensign



NZ Flag Red Ensign has 2 styles of fabrics and 3 mounting options to choose from:


Fabric options:

Polyester Knit Fabric – Strong fabric for all year round use

Woven Polyester Fabric– Heavy Duty Bunting material for deeper colours, thicker fabric. Ideal for permanently flown flags


Mounting options:

Loops – Simple connection to tie your existing flagpole halyard (flagpole rope) onto. Or use Flag Screw lock clips (flag security shackles) to reduce the ease of flag removal.

Rope & Toggle – The traditional method to fly your flag spreads wind force over the entire flag height instead of just at the two points where the grommets would be and also has the advantages of:

  • Versatility: Rope can be easily adjusted in length to fit different flag sizes and locations. Toggle also allows for easy attachment to different surfaces.
  • Durability: Unlike clips or grommets, rope and toggle are less likely to break or come loose in strong winds.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Many people prefer the traditional look of a flag attached with rope and toggle, especially for flags displayed outdoors.

Sister Clips – The most commonly used type of connection as a quick, easy & reliable connection, widely used on boats.

  • The sister clip is used for joining to an identical sibling clip. They are interlocking clips that are twisted to lock in place or seal. Sister clips are sometimes known as Inglefield clips, and even a Brummel hook. They offer excellent durability and low halyard noise when hoisted. Simply attach one to each flag loop and two on the flagpoles rope via a basic hitch knot, connect together and hoist your flag.