Nacsan Pinch On Sinkers


Nacsan pinch-on sinker multipack – super easy to add and remove, popular for straylining or when just a little bit of extra weight is required

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Need a sinker that’s easy to attach and remove? The Nacsan Pinch-On Sinkers are very easy to attach and remove from the line. The ears of the sinker are simply folded over the line, which gives a streamlined shape when attached. These sinkers, when attached, will slide up and down the line just the same way as a ball sinker does when straylining. Pinch-on sinkers are perfect for adding on that extra bit of weight to your rig without having to cut the line. Just pinch on the weight on the leader and you’re ready to fish!

3.5g: 20 pack

5.5g: 15 pack

7g: 12 pack

11g: 10 pack