Nacsan Floating Dive Flag


Dive Flag, aka A/alfa/alpha flag in international maritime code

Floating on pole, also includes 30m nylon tow line with clip


diver down flag, or scuba flag, is a flag used on the water to indicate that there is a diver below. Internationally, this flag (the code flag A/alfa/alpha, which is white and blue) is used to signal that the vessel has a diver down and other vessels should keep well clear at slow speed.

Under New Zealand law, any vessel with divers in the water must fly a dive flag. It is also a good idea for divers, snorkelers and spear fishers to tow a dive flag on a float to mark their exact position.

When a boat is flying a dive flag, all other boat users must maintain at least 200m distance from the flag, or if within 200m, keep their speed to less than 5 knots.