Mustad Barrel Three-Way Cross Swivels


Mustad’s Barrel swivels are designed to eliminate line twist and make a dependable and strong link between the main line and a leader. This Three-Way Cross swivel offers an extra eye to tie in an additional line, lure/bait or weight.



The Mustad Three-way cross swivel is the direct way to tangle free paternoster style rigs. It offers an extra eye to tie in an additional line or lure/bait/weight. It is widely used for casting, drifting or slow trolling, bouncing your bait/lure close to the bottom. When choosing a swivel always go small. Pick a swivel which will match the breaking strength of your line. This will give the best performance and presentation. When tying your fishing line to the swivel eye make sure to center the knot, as this will ensure the best rotation. Made from brass, for either saltwater or freshwater use. Black nickel finish.

Size 12:

  • 10 pack
  • Breaking strain: 10kg / 22lb

Size 10:

  • 10 pack
  • Breaking strain: 18kg / 40lb

Size 8:

  • 10 pack
  • Breaking strain: 20kg / 44lb

Size 6:

  • 10 pack
  • Breaking strain: 25kg / 55lb

Size 4:

  • 10 pack
  • Breaking strain: 30kg / 66lb

Size 2:

  • 10 pack
  • Breaking strain: 33kg / 73lb

Size 1:

  • 10 pack
  • Breaking strain: 35kg / 77lb

Size 1/0:

  • 6 pack
  • Breaking strain: 60kg / 132lb

Size 2/0:

  • 6 pack
  • Breaking strain: 75kg / 165lb

Size 3/0:

  • 6 pack
  • Breaking strain: 95kg / 209lb