JW Tec Tackle Split Shot Sinkers


JW Tec Tackle split shot sinker multipack – super easy to add and remove, popular for straylining or when just a little bit of extra weight is required

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Split shot sinkers are very useful when fishing light in streams or estuaries. Many anglers also use them when float fishing to balance their floats and hold the bait down where the fish are. Split shot sinkers have a ‘split’ in one side that you fit your line into; and then you squeeze the sinker with pliers, closing the split around your line to fix the sinker in that position. The sizes are small enough that you might attach or remove several split shot sinkers to achieve and/or maintain the perfect weight as conditions change.

Size 0: 35 pack

Size 1: 30 pack

Size 2: 20 pack

Size 3: 15 pack