Hayabusa Sabiki EX127 – UV White Shrimp


6 hook sabiki rig, hook size #10 or #12

Realistic rubber skin, use with or without bait

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Hayabusa Fishing’s Sabiki EX127 – UV White Shrimp mimics real shrimp. This Sabiki features an ultra-violet pure white skin with glowing red core. The Sabiki EX127 – UV White Shrimp is effective in both sunny and low light conditions as well as in clearer or stained water environments. Life-like shrimp effectively attracts and catches large and small bait fish, as well as target fish. Designed with extreme detail and Hayabusa Hooks known to be exceptionally strong and sharp.

6 hook sabiki rig

Needle sharp hooks, size #10 or #12

Realistic imitation shrimp skin and rubber trail material to attract fish

Use with or without bait