Hayabusa Sabiki EX125 – Real Minnow


6 hook sabiki rig, hook size #10, #12 or #14

Realistic ultraviolet rubber skin and flasher material, use with or without bait

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The Hayabusa Fishing Sabiki EX125 – Real Minnow mirrors and mimics real minnows that catch big baitfish and game fish.

Designed with incredible style and exceptionally strong and sharp fishing hooks, this particular Sabiki saltwater fishing rig is one of the most sought after models in the world – and for good reason! Hayabusa Fishing is identified as The Pride of Japan due to the tremendous engineering invested into each and every fishing rig and fishing hook.

The Sabiki EX125 – Real Minnow exemplifies this greatness in action, providing saltwater fishermen with the ultimate tool for catching fish.

Ultra-violet minnow skin imitates small baitfish and attracts target fish.

6 hook sabiki rig

Needle sharp hooks, size #10, #12 or #14

Realistic imitation minnow skin and flasher material to attract fish

Use with or without bait