Fladen Split Shot Rubber Grip Sinkers


Fladen split shot rubber grip sinker multipack – super easy to add and remove and will not damage your line. Popular for straylining or when a bit of extra weight is required

  • 4g x3
  • 6g x3
  • 8g x2
  • 10g x2
  • 12g x2
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Rubber grip split shot lead sinkers have a rubber core and two tabs on each end of the sinker. The line is placed in the sinker’s groove, and then the tabs are twisted in opposite directions, wrapping the line around the rubber core. When the tabs are twisted in reverse, the line is released. Split shot rubber sinkers have many applications, but most importantly, they can quickly be added or removed without nicking or otherwise degrading your fishing line.

4g x3

6g x3

8g x2

10g x2

12g x2