Raritan Electroscan


The Electro Scan system consists of a two-chamber treatment tank, system status panel, control unit, LCD display, and an optional salt feed tank system that can be added for operation in fresh or brackish water. No need for chemicals. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY

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The system creates disinfectant from the ocean’s salt water, does not require the addition of chemicals, and does not produce any chemical by products in the discharge. Flushing moves waste to the maceration chamber for particle size reduction. Subsequent flushing moves the waste to the oxidation chamber where it is mixed and brought into direct contact with electrode plates. These plates, when submerged in salt water and supplied with electricity, generate hypochlorous acid which breaks down organic waste products, including bacteria, in an oxidation reaction. The cycle runs for about 2 minutes in the second chamber, and the waste is held in the oxidation chamber until the next flushing cycle, when it is discharged. The Electro Scan device removes almost all pathogen indicators, 99.99% or greater.

  • Treats each Flush as waste is generated
  • Reduced Power Consumption achieved by the new processor optimising the performance and current draw through the electrodes.
  • NEW LCD Display Panel provides detailed system information about system status, functions and diagnostics
  • No added chemicals necessary, creates its own disinfectant from salt water
Standard Features
  • Full size Household Toilet Seat
  • Unmatched vacuum flush action provides the quietest flush in its class and yet uses only a small amount of water extending the useful life of holding tanks.
  • Multi function Smartvflush control panel offers the user 4 different flush control capabilities, plus specialised lock out feature to prevent fill holding tanks from over flowing.
4 Flush Modes
  • Normal Flush’ is a timed flush ensuring proper intake, discharge and leaves water in the bowl
  • Water Saver’ is a half timed flush using half the water for water saving and leaves bowl with water
  • Water Only’ adds water without discharging
  • Empty Only’ will evacuate the bowl whilst the button is held

Flush Timing control is all done on the panel without removing any components.
All discharge componentry is located within the base resulting in easier installation.
A Solenoid Valve is located within the bowl allowing use with onboard pressurized water along with a vacuum break for added security of your fresh water supply.

  • Available in 12V and 24V
  • Toilet Sensor starts each treatment cycle when a manual toilet is flushed
  • Dual Control for use with two toilets
  • Salt feed tank for use in fresh or brackish water
  • Packaged Installation Kits are available with
  • 38mm Sanitation Hose
  • 35mm Tinned Electrical Cable
  • 50A Circuit Breaker
  • Hose clamps…