Daiwa Kohga Slider Jig – 80g


Kohga Bayrubber Free slider jig

80 grams

Skirts tied and glued for extra strength

Dual SaqSas hook system

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The Kohga Bayrubber Free is the most technically advanced kabura to hit the shores of NZ. Leading lure engineers from Daiwa Japan have masterfully re-crafted the Kohga to specifically suit the requirements of New Zealand anglers.

Available in a range of proven colours with high contrast UV paints, holographic stickers to increase refraction of light and actively attract nearby fish, and abalone bite markers to trigger a predatory response.

Free sliding – the Kohga features a ceramic tube that runs through the head, this allows for unparalleled sliding performance. It also greatly reduces wear on the leader, prolonging the lifespan of the leader.

Hydrodynamic head design – the head shape of the Kohga has been designed to fish in high and low current situations. In high current face the thinner side forward and in low current face the thicker side forward, this will increase the action of the lure.

Killer cosmetics – the colours used on the Kohga heads are proven performers. The prominent holographic eye is sure to catch the attention of any hungry predatory fish.

Unique skirt and assist rig system – the necktie skirt and SaqSas assist system have been designed specifically to increase durability. The skirts are firmly tied on the slide to help reduce the skirt material being pulled out. The necktie also offers protection to the leader knot from the lure. SaqSas hooks with their incredible penetrating power ensure connectivity between angler and fish.