BaitJunkie Jerk Shad Softbait – 5 Inch


Daiwa Bait Junkie

5″ Jerk Shad softbait 5 Pack



5 Pack

One of the more difficult bait styles from which to stand out from the crowd. The BaitJunkie Jerkshads’ exhibit some of the most incredible swimming action ever witnessed from a ‘fluke’ style bait. The BaitJunkie ‘slim waist’ design principle is in full flight in the 5” Jerkshad, with the prominent waist section segmenting the bait into two separate parts. The vertical fluke tail exaggerates the action and the hinge-like effect of the body makes the tail section of the BaitJunkie 5” Jerkshad swim like no other. A belly slit enables weedless rigging with an EWG style weighted hook and is the rigging method of choice when you want to keep the bait up high in the water column.

Length: 124mm

Type: Jerkshad

Jighead: #3/0 – #5/0

Weedless: #3/0 – #5/0