Chums Downstream 4L


Chums Downstream 4L Waterproof Pouch Dry Bag


Chums Downstream 4L outdoor gear bag is the ultimate storm-proof pack. This piece of outdoor kit features a waterproof main pocket, to keep all your outdoor essentials dry and protected, with an easy roll top closure for easy access. The waterproof nature of this outdoor bag is made possible by the HF welded seams. This is not just a stand alone pack you need to carry either – as it can be worn as a shoulder or waist pack so you can remain hands free with no fear of losing it on a trek or hike! This strap is adjustable, so it gives it the flexibility to be worn in various ways. Not only is it extremely durable, but the 4L downstream is a 4 litre bag, so it holds a substantial amount of outdoor accessories as well as your personal belongings.

Keep your gear in and water out with the Downstream. The storm-proof Downstream lets you carry all your essentials without the headache of worrying about them around water. Pack up your gear, fold this bad boy up and you are ready for any adventure.

Downstream is constructed to withstand a quick dunking‚ not continued submersion.

4 Liter Bag

Waterproof main pocket with roll top closure

HF Welded seams to keep water out

Water resistant exterior front pocket

Can be worn as shoulder bag or waist pack

Removable one-handed quick adjust strap

Dimensions: 6″ x 10″ x 4.5″