Zodiac Fastroller 285 Acti-V

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Equipped with the Acti-V concept (Zodiac Nautic patented technology), the hull of the Cadet fastroller is thinner and more distinct, and the h2p floor is more rigid. The result: an easy launch by inflations, a mastered piloting and a firm course holding never attained before on this type of tender. All its structural elements are welded, including its rubstrake, its transom and the fabric bottom. The experts will appreciate the technical performance and the direct impact on security and durability of the product.

Zodiac Cadet Fastroller is lightweight, fast to assemble and a high performer. Compact, boasting unequalled load-capacity, tough yet elegant, the CADET FASTROLLER range represents the very best of tenders.


Zodiac Cadet Fastroller 285

The Zodiac Cadet Fastroller 285 is a high quality performance tender in the portable range. Above all, the welded high pressure air floor and keel system provides unsurpassed rigidity enabling one of the best performing inflatable boats on the market. At only 77lbs, the Cadet Fastroller 285 is easily handled by one or two people and will carry up to four people for efficient transport to the shore. So if you are looking for a well built, lightweight performance inflatable boat that can easily be stowed away, look no further. The Zodiac Cadet Fastroller series has been a top pick by sailors and power boaters looking for the ultimate in value. Most of all this boat will maximize capacity and portability.


The CADET FASTROLLER comes as standard with a removable quick-mounting thwart, “safe-clic” oarlocks, an internally-operated bailer plus optional flaps that improve handling by enabling the boat to plane quickly but without rearing. Its Acti-V hull provides improved performance without the need for a more powerful motor. Its anti-drift fins provide excellent control and crisp and accurate handling. Thanks to ZODIAC™ technology’s H2P concept, the boat is quick to assemble and can be easily stowed in a bag. This feature also provides the hull with increased rigidity that significantly improves performance. The banana-shaped buoyancy tube gives it an elegant and streamlined look. Equipped with the patented “Acti-V all inflatable floor” Zodiac® concept, the Cadet Fastroller, easy to install, offers greater comfort in navigation and provides exceptional performance.

  • Large diameter buoyancy tube: + stability
  • Choice of fabric: Strongan™
  • Inflatable V-hull


  • Welded Strongan PVC tube construction
  • Welded high pressure air floor
  • Welded high Pressure Inflatable keel
  • Chambers: Main tube: 2, Keel: 1, Air floor: 1
  • Exterior grab Handles
  • Interior d-rings and tie down points
  • Towing d-rings
  • Bow handle
  • Full rubstrake
  • Flip lever drain system


  • Oars and fold down swiveling oarlocks
  • Composite Bench Seat
  • Fold over compression type stowage bag with exterior handles and pocket
  • Foot pump
  • Repair kit
  • Owners Manual
  • Warranty: 5 years fabric and seams


  • Length overall: 2.85m
  • Beam overall: 1.68m
  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Payload: 450 kg
  • Tube Diameter: 450mm
  • People: 4
  • Max Engine: 8 hp, 4 stroke
  • Storage Dimension: 1.15 x 0.60 x 0.35m