Bostik Unigrip 999HR Glue – 250mL


High strength adhesive for PVC boat repairs

USe as 1 part or 2 part depending on performance requirements



Unigrip 999 HR (Hydrolysis Resistant) grade is an economic polyurethane adhesive specially formulated for use in applications requiring water immersion for PVC inflatable boats.

The product provides excellent adhesion for footwear and a wide variety of soiling substrates exceeding all LASRA requirements.
Unigrip 999 is specially stabilised against excessive and early yellowing and staining due to sunlight.

When used in marine conditions such as PVC inflatable boat repairs, Unigrip 999 HR must be used with cross linking agent Desmodur RFE

Unigrip 999 will bond any of the following:

  • PVC or PVC/rubber blends
  • resin and microcellular rubbers
  • other rubbers
  • polyurethane
  • leather
  • thermoplastic rubber
  • natural or reconstituted crepe rubber
  • microcellular EVA

The use of the cross linking agent Desmodur RFE dramatically improves adhesion for use in PVC inflatable repairs and provides bonds with much higher heat, solvent and water resistance.

Mixing ratio: 20 parts Unigrip 999 HR to 1 part Desmodur RFE

Not suitable for: polyethylene (hypalon), polypropylene, Teflon and polystyrene foam

All surfaces to be bonded must be clean and free from contamination. We recommend wiping with Bostik Solvent #2 (Toluene) or #4 (MEK/Acetone) to clean the surface. Where practical, surface roughing will give a higher bond strength, some surfaces may need priming.

In all cases consult the most current Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet at, or contact Bostik for a copy.

NOTE: Some substances may require primers.