Bostik 2405 Adhesive – 500mL


High strength adhesive for polyethylene (hypalon) boat repairs


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Bostik 2405 is a neoprene blend contact adhesive. It has good chemical resistance to acids and alkali. It gives greater heat resistance and stronger bond with Desmodur RFE. Resistant to oil, petrol and kerosene. Not resistant to esters, ketones, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It has good water resistance, flexibility, and high bond strength with good heat and humidity resistance.

Recommended Uses:

  • Rubberised (including Hypalon) canvas on rescue and pleasure craft
  • Natural and synthetic rubber
  • Rubber to wood
  • Rubber to metal (with Primer 17)
  • Some rigid PVCs*

* The adhesive will deteriorate if subjected to high temperatures and/or humidity on a continuous basis.

Mixing ratio: 10 parts of 2405 adhesive to 1 part Desmodur RFE

Not suitable for: polyethylene (hypalon), polypropylene, Teflon, plasticized PVC except for low-stress bonds, copper/brass and polystyrene foam

All surfaces to be bonded must be clean and free from contamination. We recommend wiping with Bostik Solvent #2 (Toluene) or #4 (MEK/Acetone) to clean the surface. Where practical, surface roughing will give a higher bond strength, some surfaces may need priming.

In all cases consult the most current Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet at, or contact Bostik for a copy.

NOTE: Some substances may require primers.