Black Magic Tarakihi Snatcher


The original flasher rig. Hand rigged in New Zealand for over 30 years, with quality Black Magic components.



Durable leader. Sharp hooks. Strong swivels. Long life lumo beads.

Black Magic combines the very best components to deliver a quality rig that will allow you to catch a huge range of species. This includes their Japanese made hooks for solid hook ups and soft Japanese lumo beads for extra attraction when fishing in deep water or at night.

Snatchers® are a paternoster style rig and they’re best fished with a small triangle of bait. You can fish them from anywhere – off the beach, rocks or wharf, or from the boat.


Key features

  • Hand tied and packaged in New Zealand
  • Each rig incorporates 2 x KL or KL red 3/0 hooks, tied with abrasion resistant 80lb Tough Trace and a 10kg barrel swivel
  • These 2 hook rigs meet fishing regulations in more jurisdictions
  • Soft lumo beads make the rigs even more enticing in deep water or at night
  • Available in 7 colours


Fishing style

  • Proven to catch tarakihi and other bottom feeding species
  • The recurve hooks mean your fish will hook themselves when they swim off with the bait
  • Add bait for extra appeal

Bleeding Bait: 2x KL Red 3/0 hooks

Lumo Limpet: 2x KL Red 3/0 hooks

Magic Mussel: 2x KL Red 3/0 hooks

Pink Pipi: 2x KL Red 3/0 hooks

Pink Shrimp: 2x KL Red 3/0 hooks

Tarakihi Terminator: 3x KL Red 3/0 hooks

Tarakihi Terror: 3x KL 3/0 hooks