Black Magic Rolling Swivels


A premium swivel, suitable for fresh and salt water fishing.



Black Magic rolling swivels are very strong and have excellent rotational capacity which helps prevent line twists. Black Magic has given them a matte black coating so they won’t scare off your target, and so it won’t get attacked by those who are attracted to shiny things underwater.


Key features

  • A premium swivel with high strength and rotational capacity
  • Black for a purpose – a bright swivel can scare fish and some species may strike at a shiny swivel while you are playing the big one
  • Five sizes to suit line weights 2-3kg, 4-8kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg


Fishing style

  • From fresh to salt water
  • Small species to large pelagic species

2-3kg line weight:

  • 56 pack
  • Breaking strain: 28kg / 61lb

4-8kg line weight:

  • 51 pack
  • Breaking strain: 45kg / 99lb

10kg line weight:

  • 44 pack
  • Breaking strain: 60kg / 132lb

15kg line weight:

  • 34 pack
  • Breaking strain: 77kg / 168lb

20kg line weight:

  • 27 pack
  • Breaking strain: 101kg / 222lb