Black Magic Flea XT Game Lure


Black Magic Flea XT game lure 8 inch – rigged with 7/0 hook



In the world of game fishing, experience is what truly gets results. Black Magic’s lure range has been developed, tested and perfected by some of Australasia’s best game skippers.

Irresistible to Tuna, Mah Mahi, Wahoo, Sailfish and Marlin

The custom designed heads are made from a new near unbreakable, crack resistant resin, making them strong and durable 

The increased diameter at the front of the head creates a larger reverse taper and bigger cup face, producing an impressive smoke trail and enticing wiggle

The range comes in 7 colour combinations, with UV or lumo heads and highly reflective head inserts and eyes.

Head length: 30mm/1.1″

Skirt length: 175mm/6.9″

Total length: 205mm/8″

Rigged with 200lb Tough Trace and 7/0 closed gape hook