BKK Red Octopus Beak Hooks


BKK Octopus Beak hooks are designed to be the ideal basic bait hook. The high tensile steel and a precision ground tip construction provides strength and instant/reliable penetration of a fish’s mouth. Suitable for a wide variety of species, the Octopus Beak is a must have for all tackle boxes.



The Octopus Beak series of bait fishing hooks are a staple item in any bait fisherman’s tool kit. Since launching into New Zealand, the BKK Octopus Beaks have become the go-to option for many surfcasting, straylining, and rock fishing situations. BKK’s super-sharp flattened hook point digs deep and penetrates with ease, locking down any fish that decides to take a bite.



  • Available in Black Nickel (BN) and Red/Silver coatings
  • Carbon Steel construction
  • Flattened tip
  • Offset hook point (left)
  • Forged construction
  • Upturned eye

1/0: 6 pack

2/0: 6 pack

3/0: 6 pack

4/0: 5 pack

5/0: 5 pack

6/0: 5 pack

7/0: 5 pack

8/0: 5 pack

10/0: 3 pack