BKK Monster Circle Hooks


Packed with features that deliver on the promise of strength such as a solid welded eye, 90-degree hook point, and BKK’s highly corrosion-resistant ‘Ultra-Antirust’ coating, the Monster Circle is a feature-rich hook that has truly been designed for going after monster fish.



When massive fish are on the line, you need a hook you can trust. The Monster Circle delivers on just that.

Target Swordfish, Bluenose, or sharks from the beach with the hook that was made for ultimate strength. Thanks to the heavy gauge wire construction, solid welded eye, and BKK’s superior heat treatment, the Monster Circle allows you to target monster fish with confidence.

The circle design cleanly and accurately hooks the fish in the corner of it’s mouth making catch & release fishing safer for both you and the fish. Featuing BKK’s Ultra Antirust coating, this hook will stand up to corrosion for longer, meaning it stays sharper for longer, and you can catch more fish.

  • 90-degree Hook Point
  • Ultra-Antirust (UA) Coating
  • Heavy Gauge Wire Construction
  • Solid Welded Eye
  • Hook point: Heavy needle-point

6/0: 5 pack

8/0: 5 pack

10/0: 4 pack

12/0: 3 pack

14/0: 2 pack

16/0: 1 pack