BKK Offset Heavy Circle Glow Hooks


The BKK Heavy Circle Hook features a right angle hook point, providing unrivalled hook setting performance. This design makes it easier and safer to handle, highly snag resistant and hooks fish in the corner of the mouth more consistently to ensure a quick and safe release.



Finding ways to improve the classic circle hook design wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

Driving the performance of the BKK Heavy Circle is the razor-sharp 90-degree inturned hook point which effectively hooks the fish in the corner of the mouth, reducing gut hooks and ensuring safe release or easy unhooking.

BKK’s unique heat-treating methods ensure the Heavy Circle holds strong, locking down your catch until it’s safely landed. The super-slide and lumo coating options fight the effects of corrosion, extending the lifetime of the hook and keeping the points sharper for longer.

This glow variant emits a luminous glow in dull & over-cast lighting conditions, helping to raise the visibility of the hook in situations where it may otherwise go unnoticed.

There’s a reason so many kiwi anglers have made the switch to BKK’s Heavy Circles when bait fishing – superior performance, better hook sets, and extended lifetime of use.



  • 90-degree Hook Point
  • Super-Slide (SS) and Glow coatings available
  • Heavy Gauge Wire Construction
  • Coatings: Super-slide, Glow (lumo)
  • Heavy gauge construction
  • Offset hook point
  • 90-degree turned in point
  • Tilted eye

1/0: 8 pack

2/0: 8 pack

3/0: 7 pack

4/0: 7 pack

5/0: 6 pack

6/0: 6 pack

7/0: 5 pack

8/0: 5 pack

9/0: 4 pack

10/0: 3 pack