BaitJunkie Minnow Softbait – 6.2 Inch


Daiwa Bait Junkie

6.2″ Minnow softbait 3 pack



3 Pack

The up size version from the 4.2” minnow, the 6.2” minnow is perfect large swimbait to tempt big predators to strike.

The versatile swimming action which is so evident in the 4.2” version is only increased in the 6.2” model. The longer body and extra girth create the ideal profile and when paired with the rolling/thumping swimming action it is the perfect imitation for large baitfish. The big boot tail will work at very slow speeds enabling the angler to “slow roll” for large Snapper in shallow areas and Kingfish around bait schools or structure. Rigged on a standard jighead or weighted weedless the 6.2” minnow will swim on the drop and has been accounting for an incredible amount of fish while swimming down and on the pause.

Length: 158mm

Type: Minnow

Jighead: #5/0 – #8/0

Weedless: #5/0 – #8/0