A Band Of Anglers Flying Popper 140 SLD Lure


Topwater casting lures designed to be fished either sub-surface or on the surface, when targeting everything from kingfish and cobia to tuna and marlin.

Super Long Distance (SLD) model



The side wings on these lures enhance the aerodynamics and give the lure lift once its in the water. The low air friction ribs reduce air resistance and add water turbulence, creating a unique action. A Band of Angler Pencills and Poppers are available in Super Long Distance (SLD), Floating (FL) and Sinking (SK) models, all rigged with strong treble hooks.


Key features

  • The Flying Popper is a classic design with a difference
  • The traditional narrow-neck popper is known for castability and versatility – it works in all conditions, including rough water and current. But the Flying Popper is a leap forward in design
  • The side wings enhance aerodynamics and give the lure lift once it’s in the water
  • It comes in Floating (FL), Sinking (SK) and Super Long Distance (SLD) models
  • FL and SK models come with 4X treble hooks; the SLD model comes with 6X treble hooks – enough to match all kind of fights


Fishing style

  • These lures are extremely versatile and easy to master
  • The low air friction ribs reduce air resistance and add water turbulence. Because of its versatility, you can make the Flying Popper pop, spit, walk or create a bubble trail
  • 4X ideal for targeting Kingfish, Cobia, Mahi Mahi etc.
  • 6X ideal for targeting Tuna, Marlin, Billfish and other large, hard fighting species
  • The strength convention of treble hooks is designated as 4X (strong) and the stronger 6X (heavy). This tells the thickness of the wire used in production