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About Us

About Us


Sailors Supplies are distributors of quality marine equipment located in Westhaven Marina, Central Auckland, New Zealand

Sailors Supplies sells the widest range of quality leading marine products on the market to a wide range of sailing, power boating, cruising and commercial customers in New Zealand. You will not be able to find a bigger store for all of your needs.

Based directly on the city entrance to Westhaven Marina on Westhaven Drive, we have the most accessible location from Auckland’s main marina and central business area with motorway access only 200 metres away. Parking is easy with over 30 on site car parks as well as adjacent on road parking.

Our friendly staff have a wide marine knowledge base and are actively involved in boating. We can offer years of experience within the marine trade, and can help tackle the most difficult of boating problems, from general maintenance and safety to fishing and wet weather apparel, thus making your day a lot simpler and easier.

Our knowledge base allows us to quickly and accurately direct you to the best product to suit the job or point you in the right direction if that product or service does not happen to be available.

We carry a huge range of marine products from the market leaders to the more affordable and ever popular ranges, allowing you to make the best decision for your needs.



Our store doesn’t just cater to those with boats. There are also many products for campers, RV & campervans, garden landscapers, holiday homes & a family bach plus and countless others. A lot of our products cross over to these other trades/industries and we are well known to carry a great range and frequently have customers sent our way to find the right item for them.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Auckland or the Bluff or even overseas in the Pacific or further internationally – We can ship all products and goods to you.

We have regular customers which we send complete or partial packages to that are located in the far Islands of the Pacific. To individuals and governments agencies alike. Small and large items such as tenders can all be shipped, just ask us how to get it to you and we can make it happen.



Sailors Supplies was previously known as Sailors Corner, which was established 1983 by 2 brothers. Before this, it was a small chandlery called ‘Shipbuilders’ who were on this site for 40 years occupying a corner section of the current premise. Until the two brothers started their company Sailors Corner, there was not a one stop shop in which you could get all of your boating needs in one place in all of Oceania. Before their store you needed to travel across the whole city to get basic parts, products or services for most of your general requirements in everyday recreational or commercial boating. Using their contacts and friendships they made during the rebuilding their own yacht, they were able to open a retail boating store that perfectly suited the needs of the recreational and commercial boater alike.

The premises  have grown to what it is today, a huge store providing customers with the best range and selection of products you can get! Nowhere else has such a large range of inflatable tenders on display, let alone right next to the biggest range or rope and cordage or Wet Weather and Clothing Apparel in New Zealand or Safety Equipment or many other products every boaties needs.

The recipe was simple. Get quality products and carry the whole range, not just a small selection. If someone wants to solve a single or many boating problems or they want to find just the right item, wouldn’t you go to the store that you know will have it.

After one of the Brothers (Rex) was sunk at sea while sailing home from Noumea he had a real passion for marine safety and has always strived and pushed the market towards better safety gear. It was a requirement for him to have all safety items essential or not, in stock. To achieve this he has been the first to import and introduce multiple new technologies to the NZ market.

Growing up on the water also provided another passion. Taking care of the environment meant taking care of his passion and ensuring a future of boating. So Rex started importing into NZ a sanitation treatment plant for boats. A small box that remains the only product on the market to effectively treat waste and allow immediate clean discharge into the water. This was a no brainer for, with the large volume of ever increasing boats in the Hauraki Gulf, the issue of waste would become a problem and so after months of talks with the NZ government and independent tests, the NZ pollutions act inserted an amendment for this specific treatment system.

This mentality, passion and drive for better boating is a continual process and is still the heart of the business and has been passed along to his sons and daughter and in all staff at Sailors Supplies.

Come and have a look for yourself and please ask us about any product that you cannot find, often we will be able to supply it to you within a timely manner with the best advice in town.